SilhouetteHelp Inositol fortified slimming tea

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The third product in the Help range is the tea SilhouetteHelp. It is a valuable adjunct in diets, liver protective, detoxifying and refreshing, recommended to all those wishing to lose weight effectively and safely. The product is aimed at people motivated, who want to improve their lifestyle, to move, to correct their diet and lose weight.

With the help of SilhouetteHelp one can loose healthy 3-4 pounds in a month. The plants used as ingredients give to the tea a slightly sweet and very pleasant taste, with no need for adding sugar or other sweeteners. SilhouetteHelp diets last 1-3 months. For best results in diets, SilhouetteHelp tea may be associated with ColonHelp fiber supplement. The two products complement each other. ColonHelp acts as a vegetal gastric balloon, creating satiety and reducing appetite and SilhouetteHelp stimulates the burning of the surplus of fats.

In any free economy there are people for whom health is the most important asset, and who do not compromise when it comes to products for health. Zenyth Pharmaceuticals addresses this market segment. The initiative to establish and develop this company is rooted in the hope that some of us are not willing to compromise quality, and that you will appreciate our vision, where the individual is not a mere buyer, but a human being with dreams and aspirations, and the will to live better and healthier.

Do you want to be Suppler, more Sensual, more Seductive, Healthier, Brighter, Sexier? Discover your “CAPITAL LETTER”! Discover SilhouetteHelp, the original weight loss formula from Zenyth Pharmaceuticals srl – the producer of ColonHelp. SilhouetteHelp is a precious help in any weight-losing diet, a liver protector, a refresher and a detoxifier! This product is aimed at both genders, at people in pursue of an efficient and safe weight-losing way!

The product is recommended for: non-exhausting diets which regulate and help maintaining the body weight in time, physical and mental asthenia, fat burning, detoxification, stimulating peripheral circulation, anemia, better digestion and calming abdominal pain.

SilhouetteHelp is a nutritive supplement taken as tea.

It is a natural product with an addition of inositol (included in vitamin B complex) – 10%, for persons who want to lose weight and preserve it without turning to exhausting and sudden diets which could detune their metabolism. Inositol is a lipotropic (fat-melting) agent which help accelerating the metabolism and turning fats into energy. SilhouetteHelp is a revitalizing tea not only for people who want to lose weight, but for all who feel physically and mentally exhausted or suffer from anemia. SilhouetteHelp helps reducing the cholesterol and better controlling the sugar level, reducing the fats and sugar absorbtion.

People of both genders willing to control their weight and improve their lifestyle can expect very good result after a complete cure. The product stimulates digestion and burning of the excess fats.

For the best results, avoid excess consumption of sweets and fats. In exchange, we recommend consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits and exercise to resume a normal metabolism.

The plants used as ingredients give the slightly sweet and very pleasant flavor of the tea, extra sugar or other sweeteners no longer being necessary when consumed.


The tea consumer for longer periods, associated with a healthy, sweet and excess fat free diet, could prevent the reoccurrence of the excess kilos.


Fenugreek seeds – Trigonella foenum graecum, green tea leaves – Camelia sinensi, Dandelion (whole plant) – Taraxacum officinale, box thorn fruits – Hippophae rhamnoides, sweet-wood roots – Glycyrrhiza glabra, Gymnema leaves – Gymnema sylvestre, coriander leaves – Coriandrum sativum, cranberry leaves – Vaccinium myrtillus, inositol – 10%.

SilhouetteHelp contains plants harvested in unpolluted areas. A dosing spoon is supplied with the bottle. A flat dosing spoon contains 5 g of product.

Usual doses

3 flat dosing spoons per day (15 g) as tea, drunk throughout the entire day, preferably before the main meals. People with over 20 kg excess weight can prepare the tea with 4 flat spoons per day (20 g).

Maximum recommended dose : 4 spoons a day (20 g).


The product is to be used as tea, during 1-3 month diets. SilhouetteHelp helps you lose up to 3-4 kilos a month in a healthy way. The effects are preserved as long as the product is integrated in diet. Results are visible after the first week of use. This is not an addictive product!

It does not contain preservation agents or other chemical additives. It is free of genetically modified organisms.


Bring 1-1.5 l of water to a boil and add two dosing spoons of SilhouetteHelp and continue boiling for another 2 minutes. Cover the pot and allow it to cool-down, sieve the liquid and drink it unsweetened throughout the day. If drunk before meals, SilhouetteHelp reduces the appetite.


In case of children under 12 years old, pregnant or nursing women, people suffering from sever illnesses, who have been subject to recent surgeries or suffering from allergies to any of the ingredients, the doctor’s advice is to be asked before using the product.


At room temperature, safe of sunlight and moisture, in the original package. The bottle will be kept closed between uses.

Best used before

see on the cover.

Validity term

24 months since the manufacturing date, complying with the storage conditions above.

The nutritive supplements should not replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not leave this product within the reach of small children. Do not exceed the maximum recommended dose.

SilhouetteHelp is an original product of Zenyth Pharmaceuticals s.r.l., headquartered in Bistrita Village, street Petru Rares no. 50 A, Alexandru cel Bun Commune, Neamt County, Romania, phone: +

A bottle of SilhouetteHelp contains 450 g SilhouetteHelp plants powder and reaches for a diet of 30 days at a daily dose of 15 g.