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TIANLI – ULTRA POWER – ORAL LIQUID – 6 bottles Food  supplement  that does not have to replace or varied diet and balanced and a healthy lifestyle.

Men who are looking for ways to  revitalize their body  , improve their libido and  sexual appetite  , can invest in a product composed exclusively of herbs and fruits, which does not adversely affect their overall health.

Tianli  helps men with erection problems to mind quality erections and durability. This product supports the invigoration of the body and psyche and comes from China, where it was first used by representatives of the Royal Court.

It can  help maintain vitality and normal body functions

INGREDIENT Bottle: Fluid extracts from: Xanthium spinosum – aerial parts 1.9 ml; Lycium barbarum – fruit 1.9 ml: Polygonum multiflorum – roots 1.9 ml; Tribulus terrestris – 1.9ml aerial parts; Rhodiola rosea – 0.7 ml root; Moringa oleifera – aerial parts 0.7 ml; Eleutherococcus senticosus – root 0.7 ml; Alcohol 0.3ml, concentrated alcohol 14.5%.

Presentation:  box with 6 bottles x 10 ml, net volume 60 ml.

How to use  : if you drink or bottle 45-60 minutes before sexual intercourse and a 16-day maintenance treatment is recommended.

WARNING  : The administration of Tianli products together with alcoholic beverages is not indicated, not recommended for hypertension, severe psychological neurological boluses and yes, severe kidney or liver disorders. – Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily consumption  (1 ampoule)  – Do not inject – Keep out of reach and see small children PROHIBITED ATHLETES.

Nutritional information / 100ml:
Energy value, 652.13 Kj / 153.46 Kcal;
Total Fat: 0.06 g:
saturated of which: 0.00 g;
Carbohydrates: 37.30 g;
Protein: 0.93 g;
Salt: 0.02 g;
Storage  : the room temperature (below 25  0  C) A if
consumed, preferably before: put on the package.

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