Ladies Dream 2 cps

Ladies Dream is part of the category of food supplements with a 100% natural content, which bases its beneficial actions on the formula made from plant extracts, being recognized for their aphrodisiac qualities. Ladies Dream has the ability to enhance sexual pleasure in women.

Due to the fact that up to 48% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm, Ladies Dream comes to their aid and helps to promote a proper libido and can improve the pleasure felt during sexual intercourse. In addition, the Ladies Dream food supplement formula helps relieve fatigue and stress, thus balancing the body’s energy levels.

Within the composition of the Ladies Dream product we find extracts such as:

– L-histidine is useful in promoting physical and mental performance.

– Kava-Kava reduces stress and can improve arousal during intercourse.

– Ginger is beneficial in stimulating and strengthening sexual desire.

– Damiana offers aphrodisiac properties and can increase sexual pleasure.

– Angelica archangelica stimulates libido and reduces anxiety.

– Muira Puama offers aphrodisiac effects, maintains an optimal libido and can help increase sexual desire and satisfaction.

– Tribulus terrestris is a plant known for its abilities to promote libido and sexual function in women and improves desire, arousal and satisfaction.

How to administer the Ladies Dream food supplement.

It is recommended to consume a dose of 1-2 capsules / day, preferably before a meal.